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Our Story 

The Cupcake Society is an non collegiate network founded and developed in 2010 by two visionaires fueled by a common purpose. A nurturing social network for ambitious, and passionate women who simply just enjoy being around other women who share the same interest.  

The Cupcake Society hosts meeting ups, events, and workshops that are designed for women who want to embrace their authentic power and celebrate their femininity. When you belong to this network you are a part of a sisterhood, spreading your creativity and talents within and among the chapters of your life. Encouraging other women to build each other up. As you begin your cupcake adventure, it is our hope that you will discover that The Cupcake Society is more than an organization, it is a life-style! The Cupcake Society has grown into a dynamic group of professional women who are bound by a powerful source for positive change for women in today's society. 


The Cupcake Society supports the health and well being of women in our immediate and surrounding communities. Our interactions are motivated by a genuine mindfulness of social responsibilities to support the quality of services, community improvement, volunteerism and postive influence. We believe in being involved in the communities we are a part of! Bringing women together, inspiring change and making a difference in people lives. Women don't have to compete, compare, undermine and undercut one another.  When we each focus on being the dominant force in our own universe, rather than invading other universes we all win! So take off the apron, put on your heels, let down your hair, and meet up with us.